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Div 1 Dormansland A Crowborough A Crowborough A
Limpsfield A Limpsfield A Limpsfield B
Redhill A Horley A Limpsfield A
Crockham Hill A Redhill A Dormansland A
Woldingham A Limpsfield B Redhill B
Redhill B East Grinstead A Woldingham A
Limpsfield B Ashurst Wood Crockham Hill A
Div 2 Forest Row A Reigate Priory Redhill A
Oxted A Dormansland Forest Row A
Felbridge Forest Row East Grinstead A
East Grinstead A Limpsfield C Lindfield A
Crockham Hill B Horley B Reigate Priory
Dormansland B Felbridge Crockham Hill B
Limpsfield C
Div 3 Reigate Priory Crockham Hill Oxted
Cuckfield Maresfield Forest Row B
Crowborough Crowborough B Maresfield
Cowden Hurst Green Dormansland B
East Grinstead B Oxted Felbridge
Woldingham B Horsted Keynes Limpsfield C
Oxted B
Div 4 Forest Row B Godstone Lindfield B
Haywards Heath Haywards Heath East Grinstead B
Hartfield East Grinstead B Forest Row C
Redhill C Woldingham Godstone
Lindfield Redhill B Horsted Keynes
Priory Park PoWs
Div 5 Dormansland C Woldingham B
East Grinstead C Haywards Heath
Godstone Crowborough B
Oxted C Lindfield C
Maresfield Cuckfield
Horsted Keynes
Hurst Green

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